Click the pretty button below to download and fill out the Mechanic Claims Form. Then take your vehicle and a copy of this form (print or email) to a licensed mechanic. (If you’re in need of 24/7 roadside assistance, call (877) 272-4465.)

Aw, snap! You need at least 1 active vehicle to get your claims form.

Get Claims Form

Rejoice! It’s now off your plate. Once the mechanic has your vehicle & a copy of the Mechanic Claims Form, they’ll contact us to authorize repairs. The mechanic must obtain Authorization from the administrator before starting any teardown or repairs, except emergency repairs.


After repairs are authorized, your mechanic can proceed. You, John Doe, on the other hand, can sit back and relax. When your ride is successfully fixed, just sign the repair invoice to show your approval.


Final, final step. Ready? The mechanic will email or fax the signed form back to us at (or fax to 972-813-0717) From there, we’ll expedite payment to their facility. As a member of Car Repair Club, you are only responsible for the deductible and anything not authorized by us.

Voila! Your car is fixed. Your mechanic is paid. And your wallet is full.
How friggin’ easy was that?