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Who is The Car Repair Club made for?

Smart people. The kind who want top-rated auto repair coverage with the flexibility of a month-to-month membership. See, smart.

Is The Car Repair Club easy to use?

Without a doubt. We’re here to provide help 24/7, including roadside assistance. Just give us a call or login to your account. We’ll handle paperwork, manage repairs, provide rental car benefits, make payments, and come to your aid during an emergency.

What is a Vehicle Identification Number, also known as a VIN?

It’s kind of like the vehicle’s fingerprint. A VIN is composed of 17 unique letters and numerals that is issued by the manufacturer and specific to your vehicle only.

Why does The Car Repair Club need my VIN?

It’s the only true way to identify your car. Your VIN is required by state insurance divisions to certify coverage because it verifies the type of vehicle and it’s important characteristics.

How do I find my VIN?

It can be hiding in a few places:

  • On your insurance card/app
  • On a sticker inside driver’s side door frame
  • On the driver’s side dashboard (visible through windshield)
  • On the vehicle title/registration
  • In the trunk under a spare tire
  • Under the vehicle’s hood at front of engine
  • In your vehicle’s owner’ manual
  • On saved repair records/receipts.

How do you protect my info?

Even though we like to have fun, your privacy and protection are our top priority. Our systems are secured through partnerships with industry leaders McAfee and Amazon Web Services. For security purposes, our transactions are managed by online payment industry leaders Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. We do not retain any customer payment information.

We also do not sell personally identifiable data to other third parties. Any information collected and retained is ultimately required by state insurance regulators as a requirement for providing coverage. The end.

How are your prices so low?

Remember those salespeople we mentioned earlier? Yeah, we don’t have any of those. So with no middlemen to pay a commission, you save.

Is there a rental car benefit?

Of course. If you have a covered breakdown, you can qualify for rental car coverage for up to $30/day, with a 5-day maximum, not to exceed $150 per repair visit.

How will my month-to-month subscription payments work?

Like clockwork. You’ll be charged each month using the payment method you supplied during registration. To cancel coverage and stop future monthly payments, simply visit your online account.

Is there a deductible?

There is. Your deductible is the amount you're required to pay for a covered breakdown. But once a part is repaired or replaced under the terms of your contract, and your initial deductible is paid, you won’t be required to pay a deductible for any future repairs to that part. If a breakdown takes more than one visit to repair, only one deductible will apply for that breakdown. We promise.

Is there a fee for canceling?

There is no fee and you will receive a 100% refund any time you cancel before the end of the waiting period you chose during registration, plus an additional 30 days. After your refundable period ends, there is a one-time $50 fee applicable at the time of cancellation. We use it to wipe our tears away. Kidding. Based on time of cancellation within the covered month, we may refund a portion of your coverage to offset that fee.

What type of vehicles can enroll for coverage?

There’s a darn good chance you can be covered if you and your vehicle meet the following:

  • Vehicle must have less than 200,000 miles at the time of enrollment (however, there is NO MILEAGE LIMIT once the vehicle is enrolled).
  • Vehicle must be 2010 model year or newer.
  • Owner must reside in the good ol’ USA. (Coverage not yet available in FL, MA, UT, WA, and CA)
  • No diesel, electric, hybrid, 10-cylinder, 12-cylinder, one-ton or greater weight vehicles, and some premium and luxury models.

Can I use my coverage at any mechanic?

Heck yeah. We’ll handle claims and repairs with any mechanic in the USA, including your dealership, as long as they’re licensed to conduct business in their state.

How long can I keep my coverage?

As long as you want. We’re the only coverage on the market with no time or mileage limits after purchase enrolling.

What’s typically not covered?

In general, we’re pretty flexible. But we do have some rules. The following are not covered:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Pre-existing conditions (a breakdown that happened before you joined The Car Repair Club)
  • Natural wear and tear that might have a small impact on vehicle performance but does not result in a mechanical failure.

Does The Car Repair Club cover commercial vehicles?

That’s a big fat no. Any vehicle that’s part of a business used to earn money, or used primarily for commercial use cannot be covered.

Commercial use means that your vehicle is used for commercial purposes, including farming, ranching, rental, taxi, limousine or shuttle, snow removal, towing/wrecker service, dumping (dump beds), cherry pickers, lifting or hoisting, police or emergency services, principally off-road use, or prearranged or organized racing or competitive driving. Now hang on while we catch our breath.

Why couldn’t I find my vehicle in selection options?

Ooo, awkward. If you do not find your make, model or state listed as a selection option, then it is not currently available for coverage.

What happens if I never activate the vehicle?

Then you won’t be charged the month-to-month program fees. However, your vehicle repairs will not be covered until your vehicle is activated. It’d be like having a superpower but never putting it to use.

How do I cancel my coverage?

We made it simple on purpose. To cancel your coverage and stop future monthly payments, just click the Cancel Coverage button on your Active Vehicle’s screen.

What’s the difference between The Car Repair Club and the “warranty” my dealer sold me?

Uh, everything. Vehicle warranties and extended warranties sold by dealers and manufacturers cover repairs on your car up to a certain age or mileage criteria, for example three years or 36,000 miles — whichever comes first.

The Car Repair Club is designed to pick up where your existing warranty drops off, or to fill any gaps in coverage.

How is The Car Repair Club different from my auto insurance policy?

Gather ‘round… Auto insurance covers only collision or accidental damage to your vehicle—such as a car crash, fire, or vandalism. The Car Repair Club covers the mechanical parts of your vehicle whenever they break down or malfunction.

How do I file a claim?

You or your repair facility can give us a call. Just visit your account home page for our claims contact number.

How are claims paid?

We’ve got it. We’ll pay the bill for covered repairs directly to the repair facility.

How do I know my claim will be paid?

It’s simple. As long as your claim meets the terms of service, your repairs will be paid.

Our top-rated claims administrator, Dealers Alliance Corporation, pays millions in vehicle service contract claims each year and has dealt with every type of auto repair claim under the sun. They’re good. Real good.

What is a claims administrator?

Our partner, Dealers Alliance Corporation, handles your The Car Repair Club claim. Their specialists ensure everything is processed quickly and that your mechanic gets paid.

How do I speak to someone?

Give us a ring at any of the following:

24/7 The Car Repair Club Support
(855) 931-0446

24/7 Roadside Assistance
(877) 272-4465

Claims Support
(866) 275-2811
Mon-Fri: 6AM-6PM CST
Sat: 7AM-1PM CST

Still got questions?

If you can’t find an answer to your questions in our support section, you can contact us using the following methods. Our support team is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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