Don’t worry, we got you. Your membership includes towing assistance, flat tire assistance, fuel delivery service, oil delivery service, fluid and water delivery service, lockout assistance, battery jump-start.


Gotta keep moving. That’s why we provide a rental car to cover your transportation needs during the time required for the service facility to complete covered repairs up to five days.


Long story short – your engine is covered. We’ll handle all internal lubricated parts of the engine; vacuum pump, engine mount, engine oil cooler line, idler pulley, timing belt, timing belt pulley, timing belt tensioner, oil pump, distributor shaft and housing, harmonic balancer, valve covers, timing cover, water pump, fuel pump, intake manifold, engine block and heads, oil pan, timing chain housing / cover.


First, we’re jealous that you have a turbo. Second, coverage includes all internal lubricated parts of a turbocharger or supercharger; supercharger bypass valve, turbocharger intercooler, turbocharger lines, turbocharger wastegate controller, housings.


Nothing sticky here. All internal lubricated parts of automatic and manual transmissions are covered including; clutch master / slave cylinder, dipstick / tube, electronic shift control unit, governor, trans mount, trans cooler, trans oil cooler line, torque converter, vacuum modulator, covers, pans, and cases.


In case you were wondering... all seals and gaskets are covered in conjunction with repair of all covered parts and systems.


We cover housings, all internal lubricated parts of either the transfer case or all-wheel drive mechanism.


Yep, here’s what’s covered: All internal lubricated parts of differential; axle shafts, constant velocity joints, constant velocity joint boot, drive shaft support, drive shaft/yoke, universal joint, propeller shaft, differential case.


Who knew brakes were so complicated? We did. And we cover all this: Master cylinder, power assist booster and valve, wheel cylinders, calipers, combination valve, steel lines and fittings, self- adjusters, parking brake linkage and cables, electronic control unit, anti-lock computer module, wheel speed sensors / exciters, proportioning valves, high pressure hydraulic pump, electro-hydraulic proportioning control valves, abs relay, traction control system, accumulator.


Better believe it. We’ll cover the air suspension compressor, air suspension line, air suspension sensor, suspension valves, bump stop cushion, kingpin, stabilizer bar, stabilizer mount / bushing, strut, strut mount / bearing, strut rod / bearing, torsion mount / bushing, track bar, trailing arm, wheel hub / housing, upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bushings, upper and lower ball joints, stabilizer shaft linkage and bushings, spindles, spindle supports, macpherson style struts, chapman style struts, shackle bushings and eye bushings, leaf and coil springs, leaf and coil spring bushings, torsion bars, wheel bearings, automatic leveling unit compressor, level sensor, and limiter valve. Still there?


Deep breath. Ready, go… bearing / bushing, mount / cushion, ps cooler, ps fluid reservoir, ps pressure hoseline, ps pump pulley, pitman shaft, rack boot, rear wheel steering system, rws linkage, rws secondary rack assembly, rws shaft, sector shaft, shaft / coupling, tie rod sleeve, manual and power steering gear assembly, control valve and rack assembly, power steering pump, steering column main and intermediate shafts, cooler, pitman arm, idler arm, tie rod ends, couplings, drag link.


You guessed it. We cover the radiator, fan clutch, fan blade, cooling fan motors, coolant nipple, thermostat, thermostat housing, and heater core.


Curious? Well here’s your answer. We cover the alternator, block heater, distributor, ignition coil, ignition module, knock sensor, low coolant sensor, low oil pressure / level sensor, starter, starter solenoid, temperature sending unit, voltage regulator.


Blend door/motor/actuator, clutch/pulley/bearing, evaporator, heater control valve, Heater core, hvac control head, orifice tube, high and low pressure lines, pressure cycling switch, compressor, clutch, clutch coiland pulley, orifice tube, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, poa valve, drier, accumulator, hi-low pressure cut-off switch, ducts and outlet hoses, and automatic temperature control programmer. All of them, covered.


There’s no way you’re still reading this. But if so… diesel fuel injection pump, diesel fuel injector nozzle, efi fuel injector, efi fuel rail, efi pressure regulator, egr valve, evaporation system, fuel line, low fuel sensor, fuel injector metering pump, fuel injectors, fuel distributor, fuel tank, metal fuel lines, and fuel sending unit.


Ready for this novel? Here we go... Antenna/motor assembly, blower motor/relay/resistor, body control module, cigarette/power port, circuit board, convertible top motor/actuator/latch/ram, cruise control system, driver info display, ecm/pcm, efi control unit, efi sensor, fuel door actuator, headlight door motor, horn assembly, instrument cluster, keyless entry system, oxygen sensor, power door lock actuator, power seat motor/transmission, power sunroof motor, power trunk release actuator, power trunk/hatch pull down motor, power window motor, power window regulator, radio/cd/cassette player, rear view mirror motor, seat heating, shift interlock assembly, brake light switch, door ajar switch, manually operated switch, neutral safety switch, washer pump, wiper motor, wiring harness. And they all lived happily ever after.


If you haven’t noticed, we cover many, many parts. Like… the fuel door release assembly, hood/trunk release assembly, lock cylinder, lock/latch assembly, seat/riser/frame/adjustor, sunroof assembly, support strut, glove box door and hinge, seat tracks, interior and exterior door handles, door hinges, map/courtesy light assembly, and hood/trunk gas struts.


Last, but not least, the tech. Automatic climate control programmer, back up camera and sensors, blind spot sensors, emergency trunk release, gps/navigation system, illuminated visor vanity, mileage computer, oem hands free voice activated accessories, oem tv/vcr/dvd players, oem wi-fi/bluetooth integrated router, power tailgate lock, usb ports, video display screen, And wireless chargers. Not bad, eh?